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Our collection is the best solution for any type of business. You can order minimum 30 articles in each order. Thanks to that you can try out our products without making substantial investments. Our products have proven successful and very popular due to their uniqueness and quality in numerous cities, museums, tourist attraction souvenir shops so we are sure yours will be successful, as well!
Are you interested? Do you need our support to create a perfect logo for you? Do not hesitate to contact us and we will make it happen!


Visitors of museums love to be able to have a memory of their visit. Our gadgets are perfect to become a souvenir with a logo of the museum, icon of the famous artist/painter or the pattern symbolising the famous painting/statue. In other words – there are plentiful options for your audience!


Tourist attractions

Do you customers look for gadgets or souvenirs with the tourist attractions? We have a perfect solution for you! We can print a icon of a tourist attraction, e.g. London Eye, the Statue of Liberty, Eiffel Tower and many more!



We can also create a logo/icon for a city or site. Our products will be a perfect fit for any location!



Our eco-leather collection can also be used as a promotional item for your hotel or venue. Imagine giving it away to your (hotel) guests, visitors or even your employees!


Some examples of touristic locations and personalised businness

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Customize your touristic location