Bracelets & Keychains collection XXX and Bikes!

Our latest collection is already very popular in Amsterdam and in nearby touristic attractions. Two designs are available in different colours. Choose between the elegant style with clip closing or universal casual bracelet with adjusted length. Have a look at our keychains, too! Obviously, everything is made from eco-leather (not from animal skin) and handmade in Italy!

Holland Bracelets & Keychains Catalog

The Netherlands

The Netherlands and Amsterdam are great tourist destinations. Every year, regardless of the season, millions of tourists visit famous Dutch places and its heritage.


Eco-leather souvenirs

Check out beautiful Netherlands collection. Our products are popular and loved by our customers and their end-clients. You can find them in many Dutch cities, such as Zaanse Schans, Leiden, Volendam, Alkmaar, Friesland and obviously Amsterdam! Our current collection represents what the Netherlands is famous for: bikes, canal houses, tulips. If you want to have another logo, check it out here

Holland Souvenirs Gadgets Catalog