All the soaps can be used for face, body and hair. No animal products are used, hence they are suitable for vegetarians and vegans. We say a big no to animal testing, we only test it on ourselves :) We don't use any synthetic components nor preservatives.

Contain natural glycerin formed during the process of saponification.

Oily/ acne skin

Usually described as “thicker” and less sensitive. However, more and more often people describe their skin types as both sensitive (prone to hormonal changes or to weather changes or stress) and oily.

Soaps for oily skin include clay or charcoal or herbs good to such skin type. If you have more sensitive greasy skin, we recommend interchanging soaps for sensitive skin.

Dry/ sensitive skin

Natural handmade soaps have a delicate cleansing properties. What’s the most important, they don’t contain ingredients that could potentially cause allergic reaction.

Normal skin

Usually less demanding than oily skin. Most often parts of the face are normal and the others oily or dry.


Great for stimulating the circulation. You can use scrub all over your body, although be careful about the more sensitive and delicate parts of your body.