How it all started

We, 2 young and enthusiastic ladies, started EcoDNA at the end of 2014. We met by coincidence and found a “click” instantly and decided to use it to create something that adds value and has a meaning. Our skills and personality complement each other and so far it resulted in beautiful partnerships, projects and products that we and our customers love! They love them for the high-quality finishing, aesthetics, durability and obviously- affordable price!
Since then, with our passion to promote something beautiful, meaningful and environmentally friendly, our eco-leather collection was born and we started introducing it in the Dutch market! And the plan and ambition is to conquer the entire Europe by offering to the public more and more sustainable products and collaborations across the continent and beyond!
From 2019, Valentina took over the company and Margaret chose to follow her other call as a yoga and pilates instructor 🙂

Vision & Mission

Our mission is to spread conscious and environmentally friendly consumerism. Ecology, environment awareness and sustainability are our core values. When looking for new producers and new products, we are following those principles. We want to promote non-processed products, free from abuse or chemicals where possible, so there are more affordable options available for a conscious consumer.
Our dream is a world where everyone of us is conscious and aware of their impact on the environment and planet, and that each decision/lifestyle is well thought through taking into account the short and long-term effects it has on all dimensions – individually, the environment, future generations… It all starts from the change within and from small individual actions, one by one. And that’s what we want to stimulate and spread awareness by our business decisions, actions and product range!

Hand-made in Italy


Personalized treatment

Because no customer is the same nor has the same needs! Our products and processes are highly adaptable to difference needs and priorities.

High-quality service
& customer focus

It’s about keeping our customers happy and satisfied with our service and products!


What is Eco-Leather?

EcoDNA collection is created handmade in Italy, with attention to detail and finishing. The quality is guaranteed by Certificate UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008. Eco-leather is a viable alternative to animal leather, which means the products and the production of them are 100% cruelty-free and not derived from animal skin. Eco-leather is a formula of polymers which production is less harmful to the environment than the animal leather (from producing the material, dyeing it and producing the final product) while maintaining similar texture and quality. Thus, our eco-leather products are significantly more sustainable and cruelty-free.

Valentina Tesi

  • Founder

    Creative and sales guru

  • Sales & Business Development

    If you want to become our client, see a demo of our products, contact me!

  • Creative Design

    I’m the artistic/visionary mind.
    I develop all new products, collections, designs, logos, website etc.